The Difference Between Aesthetic Dentistry And Cosmetic Dentistry}

The Difference Between Aesthetic Dentistry And Cosmetic Dentistry


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Dentistry is dentistry, right? Well, thats not necessarily so because there are different types of dentistry that serve various different functions. Of those types of dentistry are aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Some confuse the two, thinking that their functions are generally the same, but there are some vast differences between the two. It is important that you know the differences so that you are aware of the type of dentist you are seeing or need to see.

The aesthetic dentist

The aesthetic dentist is sometimes called an ‘implant dentistry specialist.’ This is because they specialize in implants.

Implants refer to any sort of tooth implant that can full in the space of a missing tooth. As a matter of fact, these implants look just like the real thing, so no one ever has to know that the tooth isnt real. More and more people are catching on to this and they are finding that they dont have to have gaps in their smiles, especially with all of the financing options that are available.

In aesthetic dentistry, they will take care of dental crowns, tooth implants, dentures, veneers, lumineers, and bridges. Many times, they will do what is called a smile makeover. They can take every aspect of your smile and construct it into something you never had based just on what was already in your mouth. It is rather amazing how they can rebuild everything from hardly anything.

But one of the biggest areas of aesthetic dentistry is the implants. This is because a single implant can make a considerable difference in a persons smile. This also makes a considerable difference in self-confidence and how a person sees him or herself in a mirror.

The cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentists fix a wide range of dental issues just like an aesthetic dentist can. The most common issues that they fix are teeth that are cracked or broken. They may fill in the cracks, reshape your teeth, or even use veneers to improve your smile. They can do implants, but this is usually when the cosmetic dentist is also an aesthetic dentist. There are dentists who will be both for the fact that they want to provide their patients with every service. They dont want to whiten your smile for you and then send you off to have your missing teeth implanted.

Basically, their functions are 100% cosmetic. They do what they can to make your smile look better. When your smile looks better, you are in a much healthier situation because a healthier smile is one that can prevent a lot of health problems from occurring. For instance, gum disease can be prevented and gum disease has been found to be linked to heart disease and various other conditions.

It doesnt matter if your teeth are crooked or as yellow as your favorite yellow shirt, your cosmetic dentist can solve a lot of these issues. When they do, you feel a lot better about yourself. You also dont have to worry about that favorite yellow shirt ‘bringing out your smile.’ The cosmetic dentist has become very important in the world of dentistry.

As for such tasks as braces, retainers, fillings, and caps, that can be done by your regular dentist. The cosmetic dentist in London Ontario or the aesthetic dentist is the one that your regular dentist refers you to when you need cosmetic procedures done that will improve your smile. Your regular dentist just keeps it clean and healthy so that you dont have to deal with the other health problems that can be caused down the road. This just shows how important your oral health and even its appearance can be.


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The Difference Between Aesthetic Dentistry And Cosmetic Dentistry


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