Treatment Guidelines With Invisalign

Treatment guidelines with Invisalign


Dr. Maryam Edalat

Invisalign has definitely taken up the dental world by storm and has emerged as one of the successful methods for the best treatment for all your dental problems. This treatment method is definitely a fresh approach for curing the problem of teeth alignment and the custom-made aligners help you to treat your condition as quickly as possible. The aligners are made from plastic and they are almost invisible and this is one of the main reasons that patients like about invisalign. The aligners are smooth and comfortable and all you need to do is just wear them over your teeth. The treatment with invisalign is quite gentle and the continuous use of the aligners will gradually shift your teeth to their original position. The best part about invisalign is that there are no metal braces or brackets that need to be fitted as part of this treatment and there is no need of wires to tighten the aligners as well. The doctor works around your schedule and you are fitted new aligners every week which is not going to affect your busy life and this continues until your whole treatment is complete. When you make use of invisalign, the best part is that nobody else will notice that you are undergoing this process.

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There are certain treatment guidelines which are laid out by doctors when you are on your invisalign treatment. Your doctor will provide you with the invisalign cleaning kit with which you can easily brush and rinse the aligners in lukewarm water. You are also supposed to remove the aligners every time you eat and in this manner you are not under any dietary restrictions. So, even when you are on the invisalign treatment, you can still eat whatever your heart feels. Individuals who are in active sports can certainly enjoy their profession without being interrupted by the irritability of the metal braces. Also, if the sports you are involved in require you to wear a protective mouth guard then you can use the guard after removing the aligners. You can keep up your oral hygiene in the normal manner which is a great advantage of using the invisalign.

One of the excellent dental doctors who have vast experience in the field of invisalign is Dr Maryam Edalat. This famous New York periodontist is greatly recognized in her profession. She recommends that patients should at least wear the aligners for 20 hours a day which is absolutely essential if you want to get the best treatment results. Dr Maryam Edalat is a greatly acclaimed periodontist who have received the New York Top Doctors and Dentists Award for 2011.

Dr. Maryam Edalat is a renowned


specialist at New York City Periodontist practicing at 30 Central Park South for over 20 years. She, along with her father, Dr. Parviz Edalat who is also a double specialist ensure that all of your dental needs are met in a friendly, relaxed and state of the art office.

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